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Beginning in 1999 I joined Deeco to head up the recruiting for sales representatives. Over the years I have had the opportunity to help 100's of sales professionals get into the medical industry or advance their career to higher levels of responsibility and/or compensation. I enjoy following people's careers and have had the pleasure of helping some people more than once in their career development. The medical industry is very competitive to get into and while I certainly can not help everyone who wants to get in do so, I am always happy to review a person's background and give some guidance.



My life prior to recruiting was as an entrepreneur starting and managing two businesses, the first four years in retail/gift and the second, ten years in the wholesale/craft industry. I am a member of NAPS (National Association of Personnel Consultants) and a First Interview affiliate. I am also a CPC or Certified Personnel Consultant which means that I adhere to the codes and ethics for recruiters and the employment laws.



If I can help you with a career or job change or assist you with locating talent for your team, give me a call!  (801) 261-3326     Send Resume to: Tammy@deecointernational.com

Send me an invitation on LinkedIn  http://www.linkedin.com/in/tammymcbride

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