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Frequently Asked Questions

If I use your services, who pays the fees?
We are a professional search firm. All fees are paid by the hiring company.
How many recruiters should I contact in my job search?
If you don't have an urgency to finding a job, stick with one or two recruiters. Many recruiters work together; sending your resume to too many recruiters may be counterproductive.
Should I post my resume on a job board?
If you don't care that your resume can be viewed by everyone in the world including the company you are currently working for, feel free to post your resume. There are many companies that will not interview people that have posted to a job board no matter how great you are. It is estimated that 12-14% of jobs are filled through job boards.
I want to get into pharmaceutical or medical sales, what background do I need?
For entree level positions (meaning not prior experience in med or pharm), a preferred background would be at least 18 months of documented success in outside sales with a fortune 500 company. If you do not have outside sales or have more than ten years in another industry, your opportunity lessens. If you have more than three jobs within the last five years, your chances are also decreased.
I am currently a nurse looking to transition into sales, is this possible?
Yes. Many nurses and surgical techs find positions within the medical industry. The best fit is a clinical sales position. This is a position that requires specific medical background. Technical training of the products to other hospital staff is required. Some pharmaceutical companies will hire a medical background without sales, but most prefer a sales background.